cloud nothings

Cloud Nothings at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar in Brighton this Thursday. Can’t wait.

Skinnywhiteboy review from the last show in Brighton, 2012

“Three facts you need to know about Cloud Nothings. 1 – Founder Dylan Baldi is but 20 and has already got a Steve Albini production credit (this year’s ‘Attack on Memory’, Cloud Nothings’ third album). 2 – Two of the band wear glasses. 3 – Again, the git’s only 20! Well, age is just a number right, the important thing is what you do with those years…and this performance exceeded my high hopes. Running with a set drawn entirely from ‘Attack…’, Cloud Nothings are true to that lo-fi punk ethic pioneered by ancestors like Fugazi, Sebadoh and Drive Like Jehu – all skinny, wired energy, full pace, full volume. But melodies are also a key feature – skewed sure, and shrouded in noise and fuzz at times – but shining through openers ‘Stay useless’ and ‘Fall in’ – the latter with an outro alone that features 5 tunes lesser bands would kill for. ‘Wasted days’ was frankly awesome – a sold 5 minute whiteout middle eight, like My Bloody Valentine’s ‘You made me realise’ infamous holocaust but with added motorik drumming. It left the bassist in a trance, eyes rolled back and sweat flicking from his lolling head, and I felt like I was in a trance too, buzzing off the moment. As Dylan Baldi sang in their closing songs: no nostalgia, no sentiment, no future, no past. Just a great show.”

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