temperature’s rising…

It’s currently 13.7o(57 degrees Farenheit) in the water here on the south coast of England, and the average for this time of year (1981-2005) is 11.4oC (53F). In 2005 the historic record high was 12.4oC (54F). Scary stuff.

Sea-surface temperatures in the north east Atlantic and UK coastal waters have been rising since the 1980s by around 0.2-0.9oC per decade, with the most rapid rises occurring in the southern North Sea and the English Channel

Recent warming of the seas around the UK has coincided with a northward shift in the distribution of plankton and fish species. This is also the case for dolphin species such as short-beaked common dolphin and striped dolphin, which have recently extended their range further north off western Britain and around into the northern North Sea.

This has already had impacts on seabirds in the UK, mainly through indirect effects via the food chain, on which they rely.

It has been estimated that UK water temperatures could increase by a further 2°C by 2050, or possibly even more in southern UK waters.

Boardshort summers, 3mm winters, no more hat/glove/boots…but at what environmental cost?

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