man with bass guitar

once upon a time I played bass in a Wedding Present covers band

Once upon a time I played bass in a Wedding Present covers band, The Snagglepusses. 1990 or thereabouts. man with bass guitar This bass was borrowed from Ali Thompson…I wasn’t a bass player, so didn’t own one. The Snagglepusses, Leicester University I bought George Best 30 today – a low key Albini production of a live in-studio-play-through c2008. And whilst listening through – deep in nostalgia – I found this Kickstarter to make a film of the record.
Snagglepuss was the camp Hanna-Barbera cartoon character…Heaven’s to Mergatroyd! and all that. Goodness knows how that became our name. Other band members were Stewart, Geoff, Paul…and a drummer…names and surnames lost to the mists of time. We played a lot of gigs – student halls, local venues, and even a support to Bad Manners at the University. They were so tight…and so unimpressed with us. Still, we could fill a dancefloor in the time it takes to play the ‘Everybody thinks…’ opening bars. snagglepuss