andrew weatherall


Andrew Weatherall RIP

warofnature’s 5 most memorable Weatherall moments.

  1. 1990. The impact of the Weatherall remix of Soon by My Bloody Valentine – my favourite band, and a tipping point for my interest in dance.
  2. 1994. Haunted Dancehall, Sabres of Paradise. Likewise for my interest in dub.
  3. Mid-1990s. Bloodsugar set in the Blue Note basement, Hoxton. So, so heavy. First time I’d seen crack being smoked. I think the same night that David Holmes, upstairs, hit on my girlfriend.
  4. c1996 Double header at Club UK with Carl Cox. 3 hour set, sweat dripping from the ceiling. People, their, tits, off. Just before the club closed down following Tabloid reaction to Leah Betts’ death.
  5. 2004 Two Lone Swordsmen at Concorde 2, Brighton. Weatherall sings goth ‘n’ roll. Always evolving.