genetic earth

Cyrus Sutton’s film “about the underground movement of young people moving back to the land and growing their own food in response to corporate corruption in our food supply”

Field scale show that farm biodiversity drops with herbicide-tolerant GM plants, as they are engineered to be tolerant to a broad spectrum herbicide which handily kills all other plant life (which insects and birds are dependent on). The argument are all about productivity, ‘pest control’ and nonsense about solving hunger in developing countries – but involve further industrialisation of farming and farm methods, and consolidation of market control. In 2014 I still don’t see any arguments in favour of GMOs, and the evidence is even more stacked against industrial farming. The two go together – it isn’t just about GMOs, it’s about the kinds of landscapes and societies we want, and whether we trust big pharma to lead these decisions for us.

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