warofnature’s best singles of 2021 – music to make your heart high

I had an intro to this year’s list. Then I changed it to what Low said. “When you think you’ve seen everything, you find you’re living in days like these.” I can’t say it better.

Here’s warofnature’s top 10 singles – and a playlist of more. Albums to follow. Enjoy.

Jane Weaver releases new single 'Heartlow' with new music video by Douglas  Hart – FIRE RECORDS

1. Heartlow – Jane Weaver.

Other than the Welsh National Anthem (RIP, Mum), my most played record of the year. Horrendously addictive, three-note, dream pop future classic.

Pom Poko – Like a Lady Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

2. Like a Lady – Pom Poko.

Deerhoof-inspired bonkersness from the Bella Union band named after Brighton’s best fast food place, but actually from Norway.

Heaven Beats Iowa - Cub Scout Bowling Pins | Guided By Voices

3. Heaven Beats Iowa – Cub Scout Bowling Pins.

When you have so much output you need a new band name to collect it all…a typically diverse singalong from Guided by Voices. Why have one hook in a song when you can have five?

Little Things/Sparrow | Big Thief

4. Little Things/Sparrow – Big Thief.

If you don’t split a grin at the brilliance of this in the first 10 seconds, you need your head checked.

Today - Single by Lando Manning | Spotify

5. Today – Lando Manning

Guy doesn’t have an album yet but brings a shuffle of his own to this pretty ‘Women‘=esque mumble/croon.

Put Food On The Ghetto Youth Table | Eek-A-Mouse, Irie Ites | Irie Ites

6. Put Food on the Ghetto Youth Table – Eek a Mouse / Irie Ites.

Hot new dub from the legendary Mr Mouse. I mean hot.

Iamdoechii Gets Creative With "Yucky Blucky Fruitcake" — Sparky

7. Yucky Blucky Fruitcake – DOECHII

A personality (or several?) the size of Florida got this tune picked up by Spotify before anywhere…hope she isn’t relying on SF for her royalties, but a good chance she’s heading for rap royalty based on this diverse cut.

Turnstile: Glow On Album Review | Pitchfork

8. Turnstile – Blackout.

How fun are these riffs? Perfect slice of skate punk silliness – with electronic tom tom, cowbell and phasers on top. And that shift into whatever the hell that breakdown is at the end…these guys must have a sense of humour right? One to make you bounce in happiness.

Days Like These” by Low Review | Pitchfork

9. Days Like These – Low.

A heavenly dollop of vocal harmony, distortion and reverb. A cathedral full of it. Low continue to risk their tunes through experiments with noise and here they pull it off perfectly.

Narrator ft. Martha Skye Murphy | Squid

10. Narrator – Squid, Martha Skye Murphy.

Sonic Youth meet LCD Soundsystem in this duelling guitar clanger that goes full histrionic on yo ass. Yes, another Brighton band makes the list.